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Nytol Anti-Snoring Throat Spray

Enjoy long lasting relief from snoring

  • Enjoy long lasting relief from snoring
  • Immediately before bedtime

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Nytol Anti-Snoring Throat Spray

What is Nytol Anti-Snoring?

Nytol Anti-Snoring is a scientifically-proven spray that acts immediately to help combat the source of snoring – the throat. With 3 quick squirts before bed, you can reduce the volume of snoring throughout the night.

Why should I choose Nytol Anti-Snoring?

Around 30 million people in the UK* are affected by snoring, so at some stage it’s likely to disrupt your sleep or the sleep of someone you love. Nobody wants their bedtime habits to cause tension over breakfast, so give you and your family relief from this common sleep spoiler. Nytol Anti-Snoring is for you if you want a quick and effective way to quieten the night-time throat orchestra.

How does Nytol Anti-Snoring Throat Spray work?

Nytol Anti-Snoring throat spray helps reduce vibrations and keep the key areas in your throat lubricated throughout the night. The key active ingredient phosphatidylcholine (don’t worry we struggle to say it too), coats your throat muscles and prevents them moving and vibrating. The foam properties also combine to ensure it stays where it’s needed in your throat and provides lasting relief.